Welcome to the JohnOfE directory.

Name: JohnOfE
Sex: Male.
Orientation: Gay, furry.
Born: October 1987.
Location: West Auckland, New Zealand.
Occupation: Cartoon Porn Director and Plushy Tamer.

A quick word about myself:

I'm a furry only because I look at cartoons in a different way to most people. My interest in cartoons is primarily sexual and definitely not safe for work.

I have a very dedicated interest in Norbert Beaver, Daggett Beaver and Brian Griffin. I worship them relentlessly in art and at night. My obsession started with Norbert Beaver in January 2004 and it continues to this day. I'm very much in love with him and the others.

I draw these characters because I love them. If not for them, I would not draw. Please try to keep this in mind when you make a request/suggestion.

Outside of obsession and worship for the characters named above is a general interest in Rule 34 and the list of characters I've fond of is endless. My faves gallery will tell that story.