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Opening monologue: In December 2003 I discovered The Angry Beavers and found myself staring at Norbert a lot. It didn't take long before I started doing more than just stare at him and so the obsession began. Since then I have discovered a similar passion for other characters including Brian Griffin and Daggett Beaver. My crippling desire for these characters has driven me to do everything for them; tattoo's, plushies, paintings, 100's of drawings and 1000's of screenshots. There is no end.




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Tumblr is a failing sack of shit.

Since the Yahoo! acquisition things have quickly fallen apart for bloggers like me who post adult oriented material. Now that Tumblr serves advertising, adult blogs are suddenly undesirable to their business model. Rather than banning the content, they have simply filtered it.

If you are an adult blog, your content cannot be found through searches or hash tags. Even google can't index it. You're on an island and only people who already know about you know where you are.

In 2011 I was running some very adult content and I was easily found, I gained many followers and if I posted porn with a hash tag of #furryporn, anyone searching that tag would see me. Today, that's not the case. It's over for people like me.

Today Tumblr is a safe space for social justice warriors and people of a hundred genders, SJW propaganda is served daily in advertising directly from Tumblr staff to the top of your dash. It's disgusting for a CIS gendered white male like myself to behold.

Tumblr has turned from a diverse blogging platform for all into an SJW coddling wasteland. You may still exist on Tumblr running adult content, furry porn, etc, but your exposure is reliant on your follows. If they don't reblog your work, no one new will see it and you will gain no followers.

Since my Tumblr got shutdown recently for ToS violation, I lost my 900 followers and when I tried to start up again I gained no more than 50 new followers over a 3 month period. No one on Tumblr could find my work, only those who searched my name on google could find me. People don't usually go out of their way to find me, but many people in the past have accidentally seen what I do and followed me.

Once you're out and you're pre-Yahoo! collection of followers is gone, you're over. No one was willing to reblog my work and as a result I was running a show with no audience. What a waste of time.

We are fast running out of social platforms that are open and unbiased. We are slaves to the cuckery of weak advertisers who haven't the balls to be associated with all the kinds of people the internet have to offer. Exposing themselves to only the special snowflakes of our now very triggered society.

It won't be long before doesn't appear in google searches as the big they/them's of Silicon Valley seek to purify the internet, removing all traces of reality and forcing their "inclusive" global view on us.

When will you have had enough?